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11 Apr 2024

Choosing A New Rooftop Tent: Five Things to Consider

All you need to know before buying a Rooftop Tent

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09 Apr 2024

Mother's Day Must-Haves

Here's some cracker gift ideas mum will love!

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05 Jan 2024

Best Gear for the Workday

Gear up for the workday with BCF!

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04 Jan 2024

Top Tips for Staying Cool in Summer

Our Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

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18 Oct 2023

Darche Range Guide

The full rundown of the Darche range

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19 Sep 2023

Weber Buyers Guide

Everything you need to know for choosing your new Weber BBQ!

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13 Sep 2023

School holiday fun under 50 bucks!

Check out these budget school holiday activities

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12 Sep 2023

BCFing Fun School Holiday Activities

The school holidays are back and there's no better time to grab the fam and get stuck into some BCFing good times together.

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02 Aug 2023

Father's Day Gifts for every dad

Whether your dad's a mad keen Fisho or is crazy about camping we've got the right gift for him

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17 Jul 2023

Great Gifts for Dad

With cracker gifts for every budget, look no further than BCF for the perfect present for Dad!

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17 Jul 2023

How do you Macpac?

See what some BCFing legends have to say...

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27 Jun 2023

Festival Camping Checklist

It’s time to party with this festival camping checklist.

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07 Jun 2023

Top Gear for Winter Cookups

Now is the perfect time to get the crew together for a feast.

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02 Jun 2023

The best camping heaters this winter

Check out the range of portable heaters

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03 Apr 2023

Easter Essentials Gear Guide

Here are some epic Easter essentials to add to your camping kit.

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18 Jan 2023

Best outdoor gear for an Aussie summer

BCF has all the gear needed to make your summer a cracker.

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17 Nov 2022

What's your sublimated polo made out of?

How can a sublimated polo protect you from the sun whilst keeping you cool? The answer is simple: its fabric.

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02 Nov 2022

Choosing the Best Portable Power & Solar Source

Portable power & solar panels can ensure you don't go without during a camping trip. Find the best portable power with this BCFing Experts Guide.

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18 Oct 2022

Fridge Freezer Range Guide

It's thirsty work hitting the great outdoors, and keeping your favourite food and drink cool as a cucumber should be at the top of the priority list.

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30 Sep 2022

7 handy hints for camping with kids

Here's some handy hints to help make the most of your next camping adventure with the groms

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30 Sep 2022

Choosing the best wet weather jacket

Don't let it rain on your parade, with the right wet weather gear you'll be able to make the most of any conditions.

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30 Sep 2022

7 caravanning essentials you need with you on the road

No matter if it's a romantic weekend away with the better half or some school holiday fun with the kids, a caravan is sure to make setting up camp a piece of cake.

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28 Sep 2022

How to Choose the Best Gazebo

Gazebos are a beloved shelter option that has been embraced by many families around the country.

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30 Aug 2022

Top 5 Camp Furniture Must-Haves

Our BCFing Experts have combed through all the best possibilities and have come up with a cracker list of top 5 camp furniture must-haves for your next adventure.

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18 Aug 2022

Choosing the Best Camping Chair

Camp chairs are great for more than just sitting around the campsite.

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10 Aug 2022

BCFing fun ways to spend this Father's Day

There's no better time than Father's Day to catch up with your nearest and dearest for a little BCFing fun.

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27 Jul 2022

Choosing the Best Camp Bedding

Bring luxury to the bush and enjoy a restful sleep under the stars with the most affordable, comfortable, warm and stylish camp bedding from BCF.

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14 Jul 2022

Gear Test - Wanderer Contour Single Swag

We think the Wanderer Contour Single Swag is a winner, and it sounds like the team at Hipcamp think the same! Check out Brooke's review to learn more

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01 Jul 2022

Weber Buyers Guide

Find the best Weber BBQ for your next big cookup

Buyers Guide

30 Jun 2022

Choosing the Best Tent for Camping

Camping is a pastime that many Australians hold dear. For years, camping has been the quintessential family holiday with many no doubt having fond childhood memories.

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29 Jun 2022

Choosing the Best Portable Stove

The BCFing Experts have put together a buyer's guide to help you in picking the portable stove or BBQ that best meets your individual camping needs.

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15 Jun 2022

8 Best Iceboxes + Soft & Hard Coolers

Find the best icebox or cooler for your next outdoor adventure

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08 Jun 2022

Choosing the Best Fridge Freezer, Icebox or Cooler

Keeping your food and beverages fresh and cold has never been easier with a camping Fridge Freezer, Ice Box or Cooler.

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05 May 2022

BCF Tech Talk – Macpac Halo Range

It's time to take a geez and warm up with the best in the business – Macpac.

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16 Mar 2022

Fire Pit – Buyers Guide

Our range of epic fire pits has something for every occasion

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18 Jan 2022

Everything you need for a day at the beach

The BCFing experts have pulled together a list of the best beachy products for your day out. Surf's up!

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28 Sep 2021

Everything you need for the ultimate picnic

Picnics bring together everything we love here at BCF – food, drinks, mates, and outdoor fun!

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19 Aug 2021

Choosing the Best Hiking Pack or Bag

From your every day backpack to an overnight trekking bag

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29 Apr 2021

10 Best Camping Headlamps

Light up the trail or the campsite with a luminous camping headlamp from BCF.

Buyers Guide

04 Mar 2021

Choosing the Best Camp Lighting

Light up the campsite or the hiking track with a headlamp, torch or other camp lighting options

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17 Feb 2021

8 Best Camping Stoves

Check out these 8 versatile camping stoves from BCF for your next outdoor adventure in Australia.

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23 Oct 2020

The Great Debate: Swag Vs Hiking tent

Whether it be a quick overnight stop over, a low fuss camping trip or even a spare bed for that extra party guest who definitely won't be driving home, swags and hiking tents have been there to aid us in our times of need. Here are some pros and cons for each to help you decide will suit you.

Buyers Guide

28 Aug 2020

Ozpig Traveller Wood Fired Stove & Accessories

Check out the versitile Ozpig Traveller wood fired stove and all the niffty accessories you can get to upgrade your camp cooking.

Buyers Guide

12 Aug 2020

Choosing the Best Camping Sleeping Bag

Whether you are taking a camping holiday with your family or hiking the rugged wilderness, a sleeping bag should be one of your top priorities when packing for any form of camping adventure.

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01 Aug 2020

How to Choose the Best Swag

You'll never have a better night's sleep during a camping trip than when you take a trusty swag to enjoy a night under the stars.

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11 Jul 2020

Choosing a Camp toilet

While you're out enjoying the great outdoors, sooner or later you're going to have to answer the call of nature. But, just because you're camping doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the creature comforts! From a shovel to a throne, there's plenty of options available to ensure you and your family are able to take care of business. Which one best suits your needs?

Buyers Guide

11 Jul 2020

Choosing a Camp Shower

Showering whilst camping can often be quite a hassle, especially if you're catering for the family as well. Fortunately, there is a range of showering options that are purpose built for use in the great outdoors. The only hassle is picking the one which will best suit your situation.

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11 Mar 2019

Dometic PLB40 Lithium Battery Pack

This lightweight and portable battery pack is essential for serious campers. Chargable via 12V car socket, solar panels or AC power.

Buyers Guide

07 Jan 2018

Choosing the right pair of Binoculars

If you are looking at buying a pair of binoculars and are confused about what's what, here are some hints to help....