Price Guarantee

Righto, here's how it works... Find a better price on any immediately available, identical product from another retailer operating in Australia. We'll be happy to match it. No dramas!

Simply show the lower price, including any freight or other charges, to our BCF Experts in-store or contact our Customer Care Centre and we'll price match it.

That's our promise to you!

How do I price match?

Find a quality product

Ensure that the product you would like to price match is identical to our competitor's product.

Find a BCF Team Member or contact Customer Care

Present our competitor's ad or website (with the lower price item) to one of our BCF team members' in-store. They'll then review and verify your request. To price match online, contact our Customer Care Team via phone, email or webchat with the details.

What Qualifies?

Your product needs to be identical to our stocked item including: matching brand, model number and colour in order to be eligible. Also, the matched price needs to apply to the competitor's final price, including freight, taxes and other additional charges, in AUD$, along with a delivery date no longer than 7 days.

For Assistance please contact our Customer Care Team via phone, email or webchat.