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Mangrove jack caught on a Chasebaits flick prawn heavy in Native Prawn colour
Built-in glass rattle to draw them in
Tough TPE (10x) material
Glow and UV highlights
Yellowfin Tuna caught on a Nomad Design DTX minnow 20cm in Bleeding Mullet
Fitted with 11/0 BKK inline single hooks
Dives to 40ft+
Through wire construction

Fishing Lures

Whether you’re browsing online or walking the aisles of your local BCF store, you will see a massive range of fishing lures of different, shape, weight, size and colour. Every lure has its place and is designed to target a particular species. When it comes to lure fishing, the age old saying of “match the hatch” rings true. This saying refers to the importance of having lures that replicate the bait source of your target species. If the species you are targeting commonly feed on small shrimp you may struggle to get the bite if you’re throwing a different baitfish imitation. Colour is another important factor that regularly gets overlooked, make sure you have a variety of colours in your kit including something natural for when the water is clear and something bright or black for when the water is dirty. Whether you’re targeting trevally on small surface lures, Aussie bass on vibes or tuna and mackerel on metal slugs, BCF will have all the gear for you. Shop online now from the comfort of home or head into your nearest BCF store and have a yarn to our friendly and knowledgeable team.