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10 Mar 2021

Preparing your boat for fishing

It may be a part of your fishing routine already but for those who have had the misfortune of losing a fish to a messy boat, this ones for you! Our good mate Leila runs us through some key tips & tricks on preparing your boat for a days fishing. Check it out.


09 Mar 2021

Choosing the Best Electric Motor

There's a lot to choosing the correct electric motor for your boat and our BCF'ing experts share their knowledge.


05 Mar 2021

Anchor chain silencer

This hack will stop that clinking of your anchor chain so you don't spook off the fish and will also protect the side of your boat.


04 Jun 2021

Squid Hunting

Winter is coming and the squid are on the hunt!


24 May 2021

Fishing Line Buyers Guide

All you need to know when choosing a new fishing line.


20 May 2021

Fishing the flats with soft plastics

Chasing big fish in the shallow waters of estuaries with soft plastics, is not only fun, but highly effective. Nige Webster shares his top tips for targeting bread and butter species in the shallows.


12 Jun 2021

Aussie Reuben Jaffle

Ralph from Shank Brothers BBQ runs us through his favourite backyard camping recipes, the Aussie Reuben Jaffle! Nothing beats a Reuben so here’s an Aussie twist on this classic using only 4 ingredients. This is one seriously delicious and easy feed to cook up on your next camping trip or even in the backyard!


09 Jan 2021

How to nail Christmas ham on a BBQ

BBQ Bootcamp 2 - Ep. 4: In this exercise, you’ll learn how to double smoke then glaze a Christmas ham on your BBQ. Just in time for Christmas Day! We prove the Shank Brothers BBQ method works a treat using both charcoal and gas fuelled BBQs. This epic cook up will have the whole family drooling ...


08 Jan 2021

How to make smoked Pastrami

BBQ Bootcamp 2 - Ep. 3: In this exercise, you’ll learn how to transform the humble corned beef into delicious smoked Pastrami. Ralph from Shank Brothers BBQ even shows us how to make the ultimate Shankie Rueben sandwich. You little ripper! Enjoy.