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Water Sports Equipment & Accessories

The sun, the waves, the people and the energy; these are the things which make water sports so fun and special. There are few things which excite outdoor enthusiasts quite as much as getting away from their day job and heading out into the sunshine to pursue their favoured hobby. Whether you’re planning a journey in a kayak out on the lake or stand up paddle boarding (SUP), BCF is the water sports store which keeps all the supplies you’ll need under one roof. Browse our expansive selection, covering everything from ski tubes or a kneeboard to a high performance and durable wakeboard. We supply only the best products from the most celebrated brands in the industry, and all stock is simply a click away from delivery or in-store pick up. Get excited about your next date with sunlight by treating yourself to the gear you deserve.

What are the different types of kayaks?

Suitable for children and adults, with a wider hull design that provides more stability, sit-on-top kayaks have been deemed the best kayak for a beginner. Sit-on-top kayaks can be used for fishing, touring, recreation and more, making them a versatile kayak loved among not only beginners, but water sport enthusiasts as well. These kayaks are also favoured among taller people as they are less confining. Another advantage is being able to self-rescue, a big benefit for beginners. As it is an open and rather flat surface, there is less risk of being trapped if it tips and it is much easier to get back on top from the water. Our kid’s kayaks are also available in a sit-on-top configuration

Fun for the whole family, outboard motor towing with ski tubes can ensure up to three people can be towed behind the boat at any one time. Stocking well-respected brands like Tahwalhi and Wow, BCF’s range of inflatable tow tubes ensures that you can relax as you float through the water or enjoy exhilaration and speed when paired with a tow rope that can hold over 600kgs.

If you’re using towable tubes, it’s best to be equipped with a life jacket and possibly even a wetsuit.

Yes, we have a range of beach and pool toys available online and in store at BCF. From inflatable swim rings to a beach cricket set, we’ve got something to transform your waterside play into an afternoon and activities that’ll tucker the whole family out. Grab your beach bool or a bucket and spade, but don’t forget to slip, slop, slap that sunscreen on before you spend a day in the sun!

BCF has a range of alternative surfing gear including stand up paddle boards, body boards and knee boards. A great introduction to catching waves, body boards (or boogie boards) are a slightly smaller version of the surfboard, designed for laying on as opposed to standing. In a similar sense, kneeboards are designed for kneeling on and make a great starting board for the family or can be used as a stunt and performance board.

Stand up paddle boards, on the other hand, were originally designed for surfing purposes and have since become a popular board for cruises through calm waters to discover areas boats simply can’t reach and better sightseeing advantages than your recreational kayak.