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About BCF

The outdoors has always been in our nature.

We’re prouder than ever of our growing network of 150 stores and counting, inspiring countless Aussies to get outdoors like never before. We remind people that life is more fun in the outdoors. Most people probably aren’t having enough BCFing Fun. They’re probably too busy doing other stuff inside. Like working. And vacuuming. And watching MAFS. Which is moderation.

But at BCF, we reckon life is better lived outdoors. ‘Cos outdoors, legends are born. Outdoors is where ‘this one time’ happens for the first time, everytime. Outdoors is where BCFing moments become BCFing memories. And because we reckon life is better outdoors, we want to be the experts who help people to get more out of it. We want everyone to feel like they can enjoy more of their life, by getting outside more, and having more BCFing fun.

So whether you’re in the bush, on the couch or purchasing a Shimano rod-and-reel combo - we’re going to remind you how BCFing fun life can be, with more boating, camping and fishing in it.

We’re not at one with nature, we’re at fun with nature.

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At BCF, we reckon there’s no better way to help more Aussies get outdoors than by partnering with other like-minded people. Whether it be a sporting team, not-for-profit, or camping destination provider, our collaborations aim to make Boating, Camping & Fishing more accessible for all.


At BCF, we’re doing our bit to try and reduce impacts on our people and our planet. We started by building a few key collaborations that have helped us do better. Ultimately, as a company that makes and sells products, waste is inevitable. What we can do, and what we are doing is working hard to limit our impact by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. We are committed to doing the best we can, because it’s the right thing to do. We are asking you to come with us.



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