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What it’s like to camp with Youcamp…

No two Youcamp campsites are the same and neither are their facilities. But there’s a few things that many have in common. The first is that generally you drive straight to a Youcamp site rather than hike in. This means it’s car camping so you can take everything including the kitchen sink if you wish! This also means these are great campsites for beginners wanting to try out their new gear. Many Youcamp hosts are experienced campers and are more than happy to share camping tips or help pitch that tent for the first time. In other words Youcamp sites are the perfect place to go camping while you still have your outdoor learner wheels on.

While some Youcamp sites have amazing toilets, showers and cooking/kitchen facilities some places have nothing. Remember that simplicity is the new luxury! Youcamp sites without facilities are the perfect place to create your campsite equipment masterpiece – your very own tent village!

Youcamping is also family friendly – there’s often farm activities to witness and participate, fewer strangers and often better, cleaner facilities than in public campsites.

You’ll also nearly always have masses of room to spread out because the whole point of Youcamp is to escape the crowds. Private property campsites are the perfect place to put up that BCF Gazebo or the ten person dome tent because chances are you will not even be able to see another person. Many Youcampers are travelling in campervans, RVs and caravans so it’s always a good idea to check that the property you plan to visit has access that suits your vehicle and rig.

Before your trip ask your host what particular gear would be most suitable for their Youcamp property – mosquito nets, kayaks, what lures are the fish biting on, what’s the weather likely to be like?

The difference between a public campsite and one on private land is that advice and help with your gear is nearly always on hand. The golden rule is just to ask!