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Introducing a new range of Daiwa Lure colours and designs to suit a range of species. Daiwa Lures are meticulously designed and tuned for ultimate performance.

Over 60 years Daiwa have been driven and inspired to create and deliver anglers the most advanced and dynamic fishing gear the world has to offer.

With Daiwa’s extensive range of fishing lures, it’s never been easier to find everything you need, to catch everything you want. Combining innovation with fishing expert knowledge these new and revised lures will have you hooked up and in the zone.

Your local BCF store will carry the range you’ll need for targeting local species and for everything else, shop the full range online.


Kohga Bayrubber

The Daiwa Kohga Bayrubber Jigs are ready to take down your favourite species like pearlies, snapper and tuskies, as well as a myriad of northern reef species. Kohga represent a truly unique Tairubber, the first sliding design on the market to be specifically made and adapted for Australia heavy-duty conditions.


Steez Shad

A crankin‘ all-rounder the Steez Shad is suitable for freshwater and estuarine environments. This versatile lure is equally suited to erratic jerkbait like retrieves or slower consistent crankbait like approach. Featuring a diving depth of 2.5metres, 3D realistic eyes and available in 6 colours this lure is designed for trolling for flathead or targeting other estuary species.



Combining the pedigree and performance of the original Spike with the latest lure colours and patterns this is a lure that’s equal parts performance, beauty, and fish catching prowess. It’s a legendary suspending crankbait that is destined for big things and big fish. Bream, perch, trout and flathead beware because the Spike is here.


Pirates Jig

The Daiwa Pirates Jig features bright colours and distress stripes! As one of the earliest inchiku type jigs to hit the market they have proven a strong performer across the world. It utilises a unique head shape and weight design that is capable of being attached from multiple connection points to optimise the lures movement. For realistic action the Pirates incorporates a free swinging squid skirt, which is ready to fish with two heavy duty assist hooks.



The Mebachi Popper is a dynamic new lure that kicks up a ruckus and draws strikes from big gamefish like striped bass and bluefin tuna. When pulled, the fat headed lure has a Big Splash Action. Built to handle the largest gamefish, the quality manufactured lure is thru-wired and rigged with stout Owner Hyperwire split rings and VMC 8527 hooks.